is run by Adnan Firoze rom Bangladesh.

One night at 3AM, when Adnan had nothing better to do, he decided to buy a domain and make the three people he believes and relies on – Administrators of the website which he bought for $50-ish.


The Windbag

From Adnan

This is Adnan Firoze from Bangladesh. I’m a senior at college (North South University) and have completed my Computer Science and Engineering major and finishing my minor in English Linguistics this semester and hope to graduate this December.  ( www.northsouth.edu ) . <this part was written in 2011> .

Life has been kind to me in every possible way – from academics to family. I have a nice home, two doctors as both of my parents and an extraordinary sister.

And my interests lie in music (I play the drums), mathematics, diplomacy, diversity of cultures and anything related to “peace” (which ever way you perceive that is up to your interpretation).

Someday, I wish to work with my passion of music in a technical paradigm. additionally, I want to make a difference by contributing by playing a pioneering role in making a world without “hungry children.” The dream is to find food and shelter for children and not to find any hungry children – not here in Bangladesh, not in Somalia, not ANYWHERE. I have taken my first step by sponsoring a school student for her education in rural Bangladesh through the Serve-BD Society ( http://www.serve-bd.org ). I’m sorry if it sounds too much of “World Peace” to you!

That should tell my story.


Adnan Firoze

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