The “Price” vs. “Value” of Audiophilia

So, this post (see below) showed up on my newsfeed.
Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 10.26.55 PM
I had the privilege of having the acquaintance of Maher bhai (THE Maher Khan – former and original guitarist of Nemesis) – you probably have seen him at my wedding. He gave up music for similar reasons. I stopped playing drums cause … well, I simply didn’t have time and it faded away (I still have my kit at home, a gift from Artcell’s Shaju bhai). We used to play gigs and go pray at the mosque right opposite of RCC. I didn’t find this as “either or”. Hold on, this post gets relevant with head gear soon.
Today, I am reflecting on the amount of money I had thrown on audio gear. I was thinking, if I am to sell off half of the gears I have, I will possibly pay off all my credit card debt – just half would do Alhamdulillah (translation: Praise be to God). But, this guy here, says if you are selling it off to someone else, he/she would be using it for distraction or go down another financial rabbithole (which, those of us are deeply into the hobby knows – the tagline of HeadFi the forum was, “Welcome, and thanks for your wallet!”
Another dilemma I often had was, once I spent a lot on cymbals, drum gear etc. Those actually “made” music. I have some recorded tracks with my band from 2008 but I prefer not to share them (but I am particularly am sorta proud of one drumming composition even though the song sucked). And now, spending almost twice as much money on gear – only to listen to other artists?!? Isn’t that a step backwards? Or is it? I’m not sure. I also believe that knowledge is power and no knowledge goes into vain. This hobby has taught me a lot of engineering, circuits, signals and interestingly – finances! So, I don’t think this is a futile hobby but the entry fee is very VERY high and if not moderated, might be very dangerous, just like alcohol and any other intoxicant.
I do neither agree nor disagree with this guy who broke the guitars (he can break his own stuff – whatever that may be) but nor am I strong enough to do this. Maybe someday I will.
Another thing, a fellow Headfier (50+ of age) PMed me on Headfi forums, and gave me some life advise. In short it is, “don’t do impulse purchases at this age of yours. Build up a good life, career and then you can buy all the gear you want.” I like that guy. He makes sense. But really, would that be the priorities throughout life? No. Soon, you will like to buy cars not headphones or amps, or maybe decide to submit to the Almighty and ignore these small pleasures.

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